Diagnostic Medical Care


Fine Needle Aspiration

Lumps and lesions in any area of the body that can be felt can be sampled in this manner. Hospitalization and surgery can often be avoided when a satisfactory sampling by needle aspiration has been done.

Our Pathologists have additional training in this area of laboratory medicine and are very experienced in this sample technique. It is recommended that you avoid aspirin products the day of the needle aspiration procedure. Although there is rarely any bleeding during or after the insertion of the needle, aspirin has a tendency to extend any bleeding that may occur. Eating regular meals and taking other regular medications is recommended.
The Pathologist will review your chart and palpate the area to be sampled. On the exam table, a very thin needle will be placed into the lesion and some cells will be drawn out for examination. An anesthetic is not needed. The pathologist will place the cellular material onto a glass slide. You will be able to drive and continue with your daily routine and activities, avoiding anything strenuous that day.
It will take several days to complete the evaluation and reporting of your results. The report will be sent to your doctor, and the doctor's office will contact you regarding the results.

Cytology Pap Test

The Pap Test, obtained during your pelvic examination by your health care professional, is simply a scraping of the cervix (the opening of the uterus). The cells that are collected are sent to our laboratory and examined for changes that may indicate precancerous abnormalities and cervical cancer, as well as benign conditions, such as infections.

Surgical Biopsy

When your physician takes a tissue biopsy, the tissue will be sent to our laboratory for examination by a pathologist. After a review of the removed tissue, the pathologist will inspect the tissue under a microscope. A report of the findings and diagnosis is sent to your physician. This process is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours, but may take longer if additional testing is required.